A successful story is built step by step! We invite you to know every moment of our history and discover a little of what our existence as a Group is!

Beginning of the activities

Antídio Lunelli and Beatriz Ender open the Lunender Towel Trade, a small sale of towels and diapers in Jaraguá do Sul (SC).


Change of compay name

From patchwork, the company begins to create children’s clothing, and its name becomes Lunender Industry and Knit Trade.


The aquisition

Antídio acquires the first circular loom and enters with greater force in the commercial activity. Lunender Indústria Têxtil is born, exclusively dedicated to the knitting and own confection.


Lauching of Beneficiamentos

Beginning of activities at Lunelli Beneficiamentos unit, located in Corupá/SC.


New facilities

Lunender produces larger volumes every day. Jaraguá do Sul (SC) unit reaches its expansion limit and, in 1996, transfers its facilities to Guaramirim (SC).


Knit rolls

Lunelli Têxtil, a producer of knit rolls, was started.


Creation of Abimex

New factory launched. Abimex comes complement business with Lunender.



Lunender’s facilities are expanded, the company invests in new machines and technologies and its productive capacity increases by 40%, a vertiginous growth.


Lez a Lez and Alakazoo

Creation of two new brands to join the group. Lez a Lez, aimed at young women and Alakazoo, specializing in children’s clothing.


CEO: Dênis Luiz Lunelli

Dênis Luiz Lunelli takes over the chairmanship of the Group and inaugurates the units of Avaré/SP and Maracanaú/CE.


Lunelli Colors

Launching of another facility, Lunelli Colors.


Origin of Lunelli Group

In 2011, Lunelli Group is created and Lunender becomes only the name of the female brand belonging to the group.


Hangar 33

In 2012, the brand Hangar 33 appears, dedicated to the male audience. The brand brings in its DNA the passion for aviation.


Northeast enlargement

We expanded the manufacturing plant of the Northeast/CE unit, where operations were doubled.


Paraguay operation

We began activities outside Brazil, expanding our manufacturing plant to Paraguay, which now has a factory.


35 years of fashion with meaning

In 2016, Lunelli Group celebrates 35 years of operation. It’s 35 years of telling stories, entirely dedicated to making people happy and fulfilled.